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Empower customers and accelerate the purchase journey with our error-free automated 3D planning solution.

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With Oasis Kitchens, we are looking to take the uncertainty out of the kitchen buying process. By partnering with HomeByMe, we can easily show our customers what their kitchen will look like, and how much it will cost them. Our Designers are there to look everything over, giving our customers the confidence to create the kitchen of their dreams.

Rick Christiaanse
Chief Commercial Officer, Skidmore Group

3D planning solution

An easy-to-use 3D planning solution that allows your customers to create, personalise and visualise their new kitchen, accelerating your sales cycle by producing purchase ready projects.


Build confidence with stunning, accurate kitchens

We simplify the kitchen design process so your customers can concentrate on what matters to them - creating buildable and realistic projects with lifelike visuals of their new kitchen.

Accelerate your sales process

Our omni-channel platform allows your customer access to their kitchen project at any touchpoint, giving them the option to purchase online or bring their purchase ready order directly in store.

Accelerate your sales process

Streamline the kitchen design process

A true omnichannel design experience

Empower your customers and in-store designers to plan with confidence by providing collaboration and assistance opportunities at any stage in the design process.

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