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October 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the Dassault Systèmes newsletter for Apple - PLM

This October issue includes a roundup of innovative news, stories, and other vital content that was selected to help you address the biggest business challenges facing the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these featured topics, looking for more inspiration, or if you want to share your feedback about the state of the industry, please reach out to one of our experienced experts below.

Kurt HEMMINGSEN > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes

Kurt Hemmingsen

Sr. Client Executive,  Dassault Systèmes

Kurt is a supply chain professional and applies his strategic sales and account management experience to support global scale transformation for the US High Technology team.

Morgan SMITH > Speaker>  Dassault Systèmes

Morgan Smith

Sales Associate,  Dassault Systèmes

Morgan has his Masters degree in Engineering and applies his expertise as a business consultant to support digital transformation for the US High Technology team.

Collaborative Innovation

Digitally connect all users in the value network to achieve sustainable innovation 

Agile Portfolio Management

Foster efficiency and agility in developing configurable products and solutions

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