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Saint-Honoré Paris designs and produces high-end personalized display stands for fashion brands and retailers in record time using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud to handle its product development from start to finish.

Avant-garde accessory displays

The way a product is presented can have a huge impact on its selling potential. That’s why some of the world’s leading fashion brands work with Saint-Honoré Paris to strike the perfect balance between functionality and elegance for their in-store display stands. Launched in 2015, the French accessory display manufacturer has built up a strong reputation for delivering unique, high quality and stylish displays and mannequins.

“I created Saint-Honoré because I wanted to bring an artistic approach, something that was not available on the market at the time,” said Geoffrey Delpy, CEO of Saint-Honoré Paris. “When you look at the display alone, when it’s not in use, you can appreciate it as a work of art. But once it’s in the shop with an item on it, it must blend in. That’s the art of display stands: being aesthetically pleasing yet unobtrusive. It’s a complicated equation, because we’d love to present our displays and have the end consumer going, “Wow!” But our job is the art of discretion.”

One of Saint-Honoré’s most exclusive ranges of stylish metal display stands is the Aéronoré collection, initially developed for fashion luxury brands, and now found in stores around the world. The collection draws inspiration from the aerospace industry, hence the name, and is designed to be striking, yet subtle.

“There’s always something that triggers a design,” Delpy said. “I remember drawing the Aéronoré collection while I was on a plane. Clients often say that it’s a streamlined collection, which really blends in. When you look at the items, you don’t see the displays, they showcase the product.”

In terms of machine resources, you can easily work on any device like with 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud. It’s extremely convenient to use. And the platform is permanently updated.

Geoffrey Delpy portrait
Geoffrey Delpy
CEO, Saint-Honoré Paris

Unlike Saint-Honoré’s other display collections, which are cut and welded together, Aéronoré is made from solid sheets of curved and folded metal to create a sleek finish. The collection was brought to life through an exciting partnership with Dassault Systèmes.

“Aéronoré was originally just a sketch, and the challenge was to translate that sketch into a physical object that was feasible to produce,” Delpy said. “It’s not an easy collection to manufacture and it commands a higher production cost as each display is composed of angles, made from casts. It’s a totally different approach from what we’ve been used to. In addition to the cutting, we add the plates, and further to the welding, there is folding. To fold the corners, you need a mold. That’s where Dassault Systèmes’ software came in.”

Today, Saint-Honoré uses the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform with CATIA xDesign, a 100% cloud application, to design all its displays and corresponding molds.

“Thanks to CATIA xDesign, we can model directly in 3D and even output renderings with third-party software,” Delpy said. “So before taking the time to create a physical mold, you can integrate the product, turn it around, modify it with a click and add even more detail, customizing it so that it’s taller, wider or narrower.”

Bringing the Aéronoré collection to life

The complexity of the Aéronoré collection is such that it would not have been possible to make it without the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

“Unlike other software, 3DEXPERIENCE enabled us to design these curved and bended shapes, and develop the molds to create them,” Delpy said. “From the initial sketches, we can quickly and easily create 3D models. It gives us flexibility in our creative process.”

From Delpy’s sketches, Saint-Honoré’s designers were able to use CATIA xDesign to develop the full Aéronoré collection and have it approved by the customer within just two weeks.

“What I like most about xDesign is the dual system between sketching and modelling,” said Théotime Faget, designer at Saint-Honoré Paris. “We always start a project with a sketch, a drawing such as a plan, a diagram, and from this base, which is very precise because of the dimensions and angles, we are then able to model our object. That’s really a big advantage compared to other software. We can take a single element and change it quite quickly and then recreate the whole composition. It’s all accessible, flexible and really easy to work with.”

Thanks to CATIA xDesign, Saint-Honoré was able to design the Aéronoré collection so that all items could be made using just two molds, saving significant time and money.

“For example, the curvatures, in particular those on the upper part of the tray as well as the feet, are made with the same molds,” Faget said. “This is one of the big advantages of the application. With only two molds, we created a collection that usually, if we had made design deviations, would have needed four to five molds. The result is one-piece items with smooth, clean lines.”

Théotime Faget, Designer at Saint-Honoré Paris, modeling display stands for the Aéronoré collection on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Always up to date on the cloud

As a startup, Saint-Honoré has benefited from the comprehensive support offered by Dassault Systèmes.

“Dassault Systèmes really champions startups,” Delpy said. “We’ve been in close contact with them from the beginning. When we rolled out the software, they helped us resolve any problems and really understood our needs.”

When choosing which software to deploy, it was important to Delpy that the design solutions were cloud based and delivered out-of-the box functionality.

“The fact that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is online is great, not only in terms of usability and machine resources, but administrative management too. And all the software is very ergonomic. There’s no comparison with the competitors.”

Delpy highlights three key advantages of using the cloud.

“In terms of machine resources, you can easily work on any device like a MacBook or a PC – any platform. You don’t need a high-powered machine with a big screen. Second, it’s extremely convenient to use. And the third advantage, which is often overlooked but which is nevertheless crucial, is the updates. With traditional software, you have to reinstall it or do big updates or even buy updates every year. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this is not the case; it’s permanently updated.”

We’re talking about 30% productivity gains on the design of an article.

Theotime Faget portrait
Théotime Faget
Designer, Saint-Honoré Paris

Collaboration in a 3D world

Customers can choose to buy items as they are from Saint- Honoré’s permanent catalog of displays, customize them or even work with the company to develop their own unique range.

“We collaborate with large, well-known fashion brands,” Delpy said. “In each project, we aim to create collections, but above all, to expand our creation and tailor-made production capacities. Customization is key and is in line with what Dassault Systèmes is offering us today. Their solution allows us to personalize our items. From one article that already exists in our collection, the customer can ask us to adapt it to suit their requirements, or we can create something entirely new.”

Before, designs were done by hand then translated into a 3D design with SOLIDWORKS. Now, with all designs stored digitally on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Saint-Honoré can easily send 3D models back and forth to the customer, helping to shorten product development times and even reduce the number of physical prototypes that need to be made.

“There are two ways to convince a client to sign a contract with us,” Delpy said. “The first is to make a physical prototype and deliver it to the client. And the second is to send a 3D model to the client. In both cases, Dassault Systèmes software is used because when a physical item is produced, technical drawings and 3D modeling are required. Where it can bring us more speed is to send customers 3D visualizations. It’s super convenient. What we build on the screen in the morning can be sent to the client’s inbox by the afternoon.”

If a customer wants to make any design modifications, Saint-Honoré can quickly update the 3D model and send it back for review.

“CATIA xDesign allows us to sketch out the work and then the client can tell us if it needs to be refined,” Delpy said. “It has revolutionized our approach, especially for one of our major clients who orders from us every month. Being able to share the 3D models saves us time.”

Although most customers like to see physical prototypes, Saint- Honoré sometimes goes into production based solely on the approval of a 3D model.

“Thanks to 3DEXPERIENCE, we can sometimes skip the phases of physically prototyping our products,” Delpy said. “For example, if the customer wants a spectacle holder at the last minute when this hadn’t been planned, they can approve the 3D model and let us go directly into production. The customer trusts us.”

Going forward, Delpy plans to use more 3D visualizations and simulations of its products to secure new business.

“Presenting a 3D visual to clients changes everything and that’s what makes our approach so special in the market,” he said. “When we have a client project, the 3D step is absolutely crucial. This is what gives the customer a certain level of confidence. I’ve always wanted to approach clients with 3D and it makes a real difference.”

Metal display stands for accessories from the Aéronoré collection

Speeding up new projects

From a single idea, Saint-Honoré’s designers can use CATIA xDesign to quickly develop a full collection.

“We have display units such as bag holders, shoe racks and trays,” Delpy said. “We try to apply an idea to the categories and see how the spirit of the collection can be translated into the 3D design. During the design process, we can make changes and alter small details. It’s actually very simple, you can go very fast. Today, it usually takes one or two months to design a complete collection; in the past it would have taken much longer – redrawing sketches, making physical pre-prototypes and so forth.”

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Saint-Honoré is able to save significant time in the product development process.

“We’re talking about 30% productivity gains on the design of an article,” Faget said. “Using CATIA xDesign, we can also reuse parts of a display that we have already designed. For example, if we have display A and want to make display B, but slightly different, smaller or larger, we can keep parts of the first display, import them into the second and just make the necessary modifications. It saves time.”

Technology and brand image aligned

“Like Dassault Systèmes, we take our environmental responsibility seriously,” Delpy said. “For example, we developed a collection of eco-friendly signage from the beginning, and all our displays and signage are made from recycled and recyclable metals.”

Being able to tell existing and prospective customers that it’s using industry-leading software from Dassault Systèmes enhances Saint-Honoré’s brand image and instills a sense of confidence and trust when they do business together.

“When we say we work on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our customers are impressed,” Delpy said. “It reassures them that we know what we’re doing. And while it might be a bit of a leap to say that the platform will help us to conquer the world, it’s certainly helping in terms of the speed of executing projects and the accuracy of design. It allows us to go fast and in the right direction. This speed has already won us new contracts.”

Saint-Honoré Paris logo

Focus on Saint-Honoré Paris

Based in France, Saint-Honoré Paris designs and produces accessory displays for the leading fashion brands worldwide. The company works with passion on materials and shapes to design avant-garde displays, which deliver a subtle balance between functionality and elegance, and help its customers to enhance their items. Thanks to its creation and customization solution, Saint-Honoré is able to deliver a high level of uniqueness, much appreciated by major fashion brands who are always in search of something new and exclusive.

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