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Monitoring the impact of the loyalty program redesign on customer satisfaction

Monitoring the impacts on Customer Satisfaction in the airline industry? BlueLink did this as part of the specific renewal of the Flying Blue program, thanks to the Semantic Analysis of multi-source Customer verbatims.

The context: BlueLink, leader in Customer Engagement Management

Expert in Customer Relationship management for more than 26 years, the BlueLink group is a subsidiary of Air France, created to design and manage the airline’s loyalty program. With its expertise, the group has grown over several years and now supports other companies in the fields of airline, tourism and leisure, luxury and culture. Its mission: to support brands throughout their relationship experience strategy, from design to implementation, to make it a key differentiator.

The BlueLink group has around 3000 employees worldwide, interconnected centers & international coverage on 5 continents thanks to its centers in Paris, Strasbourg, Prague, Mauritius, Sydney and Santiago de Chile, proposing service in 35 native languages, and more than € 100 million in turnover in 2018.

It is also a key vision: “Humanly Digital”. In an increasingly digital world, keeping people at the heart of your strategy is key to creating an emotional link.

Facilitating verbatim analysis is essential for some of our customers, whose volumes are so large that a manual approach would not be possible.

Laure Sanchez
Customer Voice Manager at BlueLink, Air France subsidiary

Laure Sanchez holds the position of Customer Voice Manager within the BlueLink group. Her main mission is to set up a listening program and thus identify and trace back to brands what customers express about their products, services, or interactions. Laure Sanchez thus manages the implementation of devices that allow the Voice of the Customer to be collected, in particular through Customer Feedback Management and Semantic Analysis solutions.

It was for the introduction of a new version of the Flying Blue loyalty program that BlueLink launched a Call for Tenders in November 2016, in order to equip itself with a Semantic Analysis solution.

The objective was to be able to have a solution for analyzing multi-source customer verbatims (satisfaction surveys, complaints, emails, etc.) and to be able to continuously monitor Customer Feedback feelings about the new loyalty program:

With Proxem Studio, we were able to collect all the verbatim from customers from the Instant Experience satisfaction surveys, as well as the content of customer complaints in three languages: French, English, Dutch.

Laure Sanchez
Customer Voice Manager at BlueLink, Air France subsidiary

The choice of Proxem: functionalities, quality of Semantic Analysis and teamwork

Following the tendering process, Proxem was selected for three main reasons:

  • The ability to manage a wide range of native languages
    The Proxem solution allows BlueLink to collect large volumes of data and use them directly in the customer’s contact language.
  • The results of the analysis
    The quality of the analysis and classification is an essential point of Proxem Studio, in particular thanks to its tool for evaluating the quality of the classification of verbatims: the F-measure. The exploration and reporting functionalities, as well as the data analysis carried out on the basis of a tailor-made cross-language classification plan (FR, EN, NL), enabled BlueLink to cover all the customer feedback.
  • Good relationships with the teams
    The teams at Proxem are constantly present, available and flexible. We have maintained the same contact person from the start and have built a real partnership relationship, based on mutual trust.

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