Department of Defense

Weapon system acquisition and sustainment focus on supporting military readiness at an affordable cost. Dassault Systèmes addresses these challenges by offering program and contract management solutions linked to requirements, systems engineering, schedule, and project deliverables for more effective cost and timing management. Trade studies and verification / validation modeling can be completed before any physical work, and all mapped directly to requirements, allocated resources and the project schedule, significantly improving performance.

Dassault Systèmes solutions for Program Lifecycle Management (PLM) provide visibility to all program requirements, system design decisions, and the modeling and simulation analyses used to verify and validate the design, development, and testing decisions to meet mission readiness objectives within constrained budgets. Program offices can assess designs on a ‘systems-of-systems’ basis to assure interoperability at the level of the functional and logical architecture.

These solution capabilities can be directly extended into maintenance, sustainment, and modernization operations. Program oversight for the portfolio of projects and contracts can be maintained across all depots and yards to assure optimal fleet availability and readiness, while managing contractor performance. Electronic work instructions can be used within a maintenance execution system (MES) environment to manage discrepancies and maintain workforce utilization. Spare parts can be tracked and inventories managed to minimize downtime in operations, all through the same integrated platform.