Line Of Business

Dassault Systèles is a catalyst for innovation, enabling any agency to participate in the program acquisition process, contributing to help transform the way they manage and work to reduce the "Total Cost of Ownership."

The Digital Depot

If we consolidate validated work instructions and maintain a programmatic view of all projects, can we improve the efficiency of sustainment operations and reduce total ownership costs? Our DS Collaborative Sustainment Environment ensures your depot and repair-yard workers have all the step-by-step information they need for maintenance and repair at their fingertips, and that the programs are managed to maintain high levels of readiness.

Streamline Maintenance and Sustainment Information for Less Downtime and Greater Efficiency

The task of sustainment workers is critical to warfighters, yet they are currently challenged to complete their work in a process burdened by reams of paper. Separate systems for job tracking coupled with stacks of 2D drawings and change notifications mean more time spent tracking down and verifying information, and less time spent on the repair and maintenance needed to further the agency’s mission.

The DS Collaborative Sustainment Environment is a single integrated environment for managing the requirements for maintenance, alterations, and modernizations for each weapons system or platform, with links to the engineering and work packages that implement each requirement. This integrated collaborative sustainment environment enables the program office, the planning agent, the engineers, the depots / shipyards, and support contractors to all collaborate in the development of the most efficient design, maintenance processes, and overall availability schedules. In addition, they can validate those processes virtually in the context of the depot or shipyard where the work is to be performed.

Our solution allows your agency to:

  • Increase the readiness levels of weapons systems and platforms through increased program and project efficiencies across the depots and yards
  • Maintain status oversight and visibility to all maintenance and modernization programs and contracts across all depots and repair or planning yards
  • Manage the depot and repair yards for both planning and execution of all maintenance and modernization
  • Accomplish more alterations and modernizations during resets and availabilities to provide greater capabilities to the warfighter
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of weapons systems and platforms by increasing the efficiencies of planning and execution at the depots and shipyards