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Dassault Systèles is a catalyst for innovation, enabling any agency to participate in the program acquisition process, contributing to help transform the way they manage and work to reduce the "Total Cost of Ownership."

Acquisition Program Lifecycle Management

The PEO as the Lead Systems Integrator

If we manage and track contract deliverables, including design and design process data, can we improve overall program efficiency? Our Solution for Acquisition and Program Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps you coordinate and optimize all aspects of the program design, development, and delivery process to further your agency’s mission.

Improve Design Process Efficiency

When designing targeted equipment systems, Program Offices need to define and manage contracts and all proposed system configurations. It is critical for this to be done with fidelity and confidence to meet requirements—on time and on budget. In addition, retaining analysis history and program data is a key way Program Execution Offices (PEOs) can realize improved efficiencies and reduce costs on future projects.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Solution for Acquisition Program Lifecycle Management provides PEOs the capabilities required to perform the lead systems integrator role for Defense Acquisitions. Program and contract management capabilities are leveraged with requirements management, systems architecture, and configuration definition to oversee system and manufacturing trade studies on targeted equipment systems, and the related systems in which they need to interoperate to meet Mission objectives. Simulation and modeling data are managed so they are traceable against all relevant program and design decisions, such that they can be readily re-assessed against any requirements or design changes being considered. Program data and formats are standardized so the data can be mastered and maintained as a single referent system design model.

Our solution allows your agency to:

  • Optimize selection of system alternatives, and reduce the effort required to introduce and evaluate new options
  • Facilitate pre-award and post-award evaluations of designs and design progress by lead PEOs and related systems Program Offices
  • Identify and realize opportunities to better meet program requirements, cost, and schedule objectives
  • Reduce downstream detailed design, testing  and production / delivery oversight efforts, to more effectively maintain requirements, costs, and timing plans