Virtual Garage for Digital Marketing

Enhance the online buying experience with personal vehicle product configurations that customers can share

Create more personal product experiences by letting customers customize their own vehicle through a web browser or mobile device.

Virtual Garage for Digital Marketing lets customers configure the vehicle of their choice in stunning visual quality using a visual web configurator. Vehicles are created from original CAD product data producing true-to-life representations of their desired car. The configurator’s flexible framework can accommodate nearly any product requirement.  Users can save or share a wide range of assets, such as their configured creations, films, images, and individualized brochures. These can be referenced at other retail touch points or through social media channels creating a more rewarding brand and product experience for the customer.

Using Virtual Garage for Digital Marketing, marketing and sales teams can easily create personalized product material based on existing 3D virtual models to enhance the buyers’ journey. Internal stakeholders can produce high-quality visual assets from almost any device: quickly, cost-efficiently, and on-demand.  Products can be customized for regional target audience preferences or individual customer requirements. Scenes can be changed or modified to depict different product usage situations. OpenGL, Raytracing, and GIobal Illumination allow assets to be produced in stunning quality. An extensive administration panel lets users manage their locally produced content and associated CRM data.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Availability of product information anywhere, anytime, and from all mobile devices
  • Interactive, creative concepts for individual product configurations ensure unique consumer experiences
  • Increased go-to-market activities through early product launches – even before products are built
  • Interconnection with other touch points along the consumer journey, such as Point-of-Sale and social media
  • An easy-to-use, fast, and cost-efficient technology for on-demand image production that does not require any 3D visualization expertise
  • Automated batch rendering perfectly serves the needs of large portfolios of configurable products and satisfies the appetite for individualized visual assets
  • Bridges the gaps between product data and information supply, virtual model preparation, media production, and target visualization processes