Virtual Garage for Advertising

Imagery and storytelling for lasting brand and product experiences

In an environment of sensory overload, only truly outstanding images can capture the imagination of consumers.

Virtual Garage for Advertising lets you create stunning computer-generated product and brand still images and videos that resonate with your target audiences. Leverage pre-existing CAD data to create lifelike virtual products and product variants that can be used to help accelerate your marketing activities and increase pre-orders.

In the Age of Experience, customers are looking for unique product experiences that they can identify with personally. Virtual Garage for Advertising lets you connect to your audiences by communicating a cohesive story that connects products and brand attributes to create a compelling reason to believe.

Create customized global and regional campaign content
Easily create visually stunning and personalized 3D virtual product content that enhances your customers’ buying journey.Products can be customized for regional target audience preferences or individual customer requirements. Internal stakeholders can produce high-quality visual assets from almost any device: quickly, cost-efficiently, and on-demand.

Streamline visual data management
For high-volume content creation to be effective the efficient exchange and organization of visual data is required. Virtual Garage includes a powerful digital asset management system which lets you manage and exchange a wide range of visual data and associated metadata. Share, collaborate, and publish assets while ensuring accurate version control.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Accelerate go-to-market campaigns and early digital product launches even before the product is built
  • Efficient creation of stunning, high-end visual assets from CAD data that can be created in the early stages of the product lifecycle
  • Consistent storytelling across multiple channels made possible with the flexible reuse and adaptation of content that covers the full product: range, complexity, and customization options
  • Eliminates the need for expensive physical product prototypes on location – lowering production costs and accelerating time to market
  • An easy-to-use, fast, and cost-efficient technology for on-demand image production that does not require any 3D visualization expertise
  • Reduce costs and save time by using a secure digital asset management system which allows all parties to access and share up-to-data, information, and materials from a single, secure server
  • Maintain visual product and brand perception consistency throughout visualization use cases by central storage and reuse of visual staging components like textures, environments and lights
  • Accelerate visual decision making, review & validation processes for managers and non-technical experts by interactive presentations, real-time streaming, remote feedback and virtual meeting rooms
  • Reduce costs and save time with browser-based instant rendering capabilities designed to support on-demand marketing asset production and agency communication
  • Reduce costs and save time by streamlined global sharing and collaborative model preparation workflows through a centrally managed, PDM-integrated, high-end visualization backbone
  • Speed up visualization model data and information library management tasks by meta data and search concepts and enable stable Engineering regular data supply (e.g., to feed media production pipelines)
  • Covers the full scope from visualization process analysis, as well as strategic and operational methodology consultancy, to tool and process design and implementation
  • Bridges the gaps between product data and information supply, virtual model preparation, media production and target visualization processes