Transportation industries are on a quest to deliver outstanding product and service support to their customers. This trend is epitomized by today’s mass-customization phenomenon. In order to reach a sustainable compromise between individual customer demands and the increased cost of meeting those needs, vehicle makers are turning to platform standardization. More recently they extended the concept to vehicle modularization, ultimately allowing marketing and sales teams to best win new buyers with tailored products. 

But with such a broad vehicle configuration capacity, how can marketing and sales managers ensure they get all exact individual vehicle information consistently and early, shared across all communication channels, devices, local markets - sometimes even prior to product production?

Virtual Garage Industry Solution Experience delivers stunning automotive sales and marketing materials, tools, and event experiences for both B2B and B2C audiences. Designed specifically for the vehicle industry, it enables your company to leverage existing vehicle CAD data to improve the speed, quality, and reach of your digital product promotions and customer engagement activities across all brand and product touch points.

Extend your product and brand reach to engage with your customers in almost any way possible at all stages of their buying journey and increase sales using:

  • Point of purchase and web configurators
  • Intelligent marketing asset creation tools for advertising (create campaign content at global and regional level)
  • True-to-life product visualizations and stunning computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  • Real-time interactive product experiences, at live events or online

Leverage a dynamic enterprise environment

3DEXCITE content architecture is built on an IT framework that allows organizations to automate and standardize connection with existing configurators, rule or pricing engines and conversion of CAD data into visual assets using the ‘one source – multi-use’ approach for shorter content creation timelines. Centrally configured databases ensure consistent product information in POS systems – drastically decreasing the complexity of sustaining a coherent and effective offering across markets. Connect to powerful analytics tools that let you understand how your customer is consuming your content at all touch points along their buying journey.

Discover the Values of Virtual Garage

  • Win hearts and minds by leveraging the emotional brand building power of photorealistic real-time presentations up to 1:1 scale
  • Enhance brand engagement with innovative cross-channel experiences
  • Improve the buying experience, reducing the number of vehicles at dealership while increasing sales of accessories and high-margin options
  • Improve speed, quality and reach of digital product promotion by leveraging your digital master-model to achieve synergies between various digital/print content productions