Truck & Bus Showroom

How to communicate and present a wide range of vehicle configurations and options in a single dealership? How to present a new cab or bus design without having to first build an expensive and time-consuming physical prototype? The answer is virtual lifelike marketing assets.

Truck & Bus Showroom delivers highly realistic digital assets to help dealerships promote a brand’s entire product line at the point of sale. Through real-time rendering, realistic lighting and scenery, dealerships can display a brand’s entire product line without investing in additional physical floor space. Assets are created using the latest up-to-date 3D product geometry helping to ensure digital continuity from design to sale. Customers can tailor vehicles live using a built-in configurator that also provides information such as price and delivery timelines. With Truck & Bus Showroom, purchasing a vehicle is a simple and streamlined experience.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Full digital continuity from 3D modeling to 3D visualization
  • High visualization quality and performance
  • Photo realistic images and animations
  • Quick validation of new concepts with realistic rendering
  • Leverage digital marketing assets to promote brand image and boost sales