Truck & Bus Performance & Certification

Vehicle performance is driven by regulations for fuel consumption and weight limit by axle.  For commercial trucks fleet owners require lighter vehicles that carry more loads while complying with strict emission and safety standards. The powertrain and driveline, for example, must be optimized to be as efficient as possible so that companies can reduce fuel costs that can adversely affect their bottom line.

Truck & Bus Performance & Certification solution will allow OEMs to plan, manage, track and analyze vehicle performance in a virtual environment from early concept to prototyping and production. They have traceability between requirements and test results making it easy to pinpoint trouble spots for downstream maintenance and servicing. Traceability also helps satisfy the requirements of certification agencies that perform periodic audits and request detailed documentation on a vehicle’s design history. OEMs can perform simulations using Truck & Bus Performance & Certification’s advanced analysis and simulation software to assess rollover and fatigue. 

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Higher component and vehicle performance
  • Full traceability from virtual test to physical tests to reach high standards
  • Evaluate and optimize vehicle performance (key performance indicators) on virtual models with the ability to close the loop with real testing
  • Monitor vehicle and systems throughout the development process to ensure specifications have been met