Truck & Bus Manufacturing

Trucks and buses are tailored to specific customer requirements resulting in a wide range of configuration possibilities that the shop floor must produce. Plant workers require clear instructions on how to assemble parts so as to not waste time and risk losing a client’s business. Moreover, OEMs assign production to plants that are closest to the customer to shorten delivery times and to build vehicles that comply with local regulations. Ensuring the quality of the assembled product on a worldwide basis is a critical challenge.

With Truck & Bus Manufacturing companies benefit from close integration between engineering and manufacturing enabling them to easily create assembly instructions using product design data. Animations can be created based on 3D geometry overcoming the language barriers that globally-dispersed plant workers face with text-based instructions. Manufacturing processes can be standardized using proven methodologies and best practices that cut production time and mitigate errors.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Global assembly process & planning solutions enable ‘design anywhere, produce everywhere’ versatility
  • Continuously improve product and process quality in a global manufacturing environment with increased visibility
  • Reduces documentation costs thanks to the universal language of 3D