Truck & Bus Cab & Chassis

Fleet owners expect reliability and performance to ensure the sustainability of their business. A primary concern is robust cab and chassis designs and the quality of the electrical and electronics components that comprise the vehicle’s backbone. OEMs need to target zero defect engineering to maintain vehicle performance and reliability at the highest possible level.

Truck & Bus Cab & Chassis provides manufacturers with solutions in structural engineering, electrical and embedded software design and simulation to satisfy even the most complex configurations. Although 90% of a vehicle can be directly configured using predefined components, some parts need to be engineered to order and must be done so at the best cost. With this solution, engineers can assemble vehicle components such as frames, driveshaft, electrical and tubing in a digital mock up, thus helping to ensure optimal weight distribution for better vehicle performance.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Fast creation of new component variants
  • Fast generation of frame rails
  • Easy search and reuse of existing components
  • Fully configured and generated electrical harness and tubing systems