Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing

Maximize innovative powertrain while minimizing emissions

It takes years of development effort, and many millions in budget investment, to produce innovative, vehicle powertrain systems. The Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing Industry Process Experience of the Target Zero Defect Industry Solution Experience integrates innovative tools and industry-proven processes for the development of high performance, next generation engines and globally competitive powertrain options.

Considering the level of investment and development resources required, it is essential that powertrain teams be enabled to reach optimal decisions early in the product development cycle, rather than risk scrapping high-cost prototype errors prior to vehicle production. Dassault Systèmes Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing solutions enable design engineers to readily simulate the behavior of various design alternatives in order to confirm the optimal powertrain which fulfills required horse power, torque, noise and emission levels.

These solutions cover the entire spectrum of powertrain development and production activities - from design, to analysis, to manufacturing. Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions eliminate the mismatch of information among engineering and manufacturing departments, as all stakeholders have central access to development in a 3D collaborative environment. This provides distinct advantages and benefits, such as the potential to carry out multi-disciplinary product and process optimization, ensuring optimal performance and substantial time and cost savings.


Key Highlights & Benefits:

  • Provides single environment for pro-active prediction of budget and development time when introducing new vehicle powertrain options.
  • Supports the complexity of multi-discipline engineering by managing cross functional requirements and impacts.