Conceptual Engineering

Accelerate vehicle concepts to optimal, right-the-first-time results

Global demand for new, innovative transportation options is on the rise, and constantly changing. To capture your share of profitable opportunities, your vehicle/component development teams have the capabilities to quickly and effectively turn customer concepts into successful reality.

Conceptual Engineering Industry Process Experience of the Target Zero Defect Industry Solution Experience provides a unified platform for multidiscipline component/vehicle development. An integrated, 3D collaborative environment minimizes translation errors and accelerates innovative concepts to successful production.


Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Switching development paradigm from “form to function” to “function to form” optimizes vehicle/component design and performance.
  • Unified development platform requires no component translation between teams and optimizes collaboration.
  • 3D collaborative, integrated development environment accelerates concepts to optimal reality and ensures right-the-first-time results.