Composite (Body in Black)

Enhance vehicle performance, reduce weight and minimize fuel consumption


Industry innovators are pressured to produce higher performance vehicles, but at lower weight and reduced cost. Composites (Body in Black) Industry Process Experience of the Target Zero Defect Industry Solution Experience provides the industry-proven tools and processes developers require to leverage high-performance composite materials in their vehicle development, saving time, materials and cost.  

This productive process-oriented solution enables design engineers to work concurrently on the same design, while composites manufacturing constraints can be embedded early in the conceptual stage, thereby enhancing accuracy and accelerating the development cycle. Composite materials offer a new multitude of design possibilities for the production of high-performance vehicles. In order to capitalize on these possibilities, designers need dedicated and powerful composite tools that allow designers and manufacturing teams to enjoy trouble-free collaboration.

The collaborative and integrated Composites Industry Process Experience enables the rapid creation of innovative composite components, featuring two new approaches. Grid design and solid slicing enables components to mate better with structural parts. And the solid slicing approach is especially beneficial to optimize the reengineering of metal parts. Both innovative approaches can reduce initial design time, improve productivity and enhance overall vehicle quality.


Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Leveraging modern composites materials can improve vehicle performance, while reducing weight, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
  • Today’s composite advancements can reduce your design cycle, enhance vehicle quality, and shorten manufacturing time.