Systems Definition and Performance Validation

The development of vehicle innovations involves multiple processes and disciplines. Traditional model based systems engineering approaches where modeling and simulation is isolated from one another, make it almost impossible to get a ‘holistic’ view of a complete product or systems behavior.

Systems Definition and Performance Validation Solution enables combining cross-discipline design in a common environment that fully supports requirement capture, architecture definition, system modelling and virtual simulation. Architects and simulation experts can better work together to virtually test and validate differentiating innovations.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Explore multiple iterations of system architecture faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Re-use and integrate legacy models, leveraging MODELICA open language and Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard.
  • Simulate and converge on the optimal mechatronic systems, ensuring performance & fulfillment of requirements.
  • Improve product quality by capturing requirements, parameters and test cases which can then be traced against architecture, models and simulation results.
  • Validate sub-systems and the entire digital vehicle earlier in development cycle, saving costs and minimizing errors.
  • Accelerate detection and resolution of potential systems performance issues or conflicts.
  • Virtually detect performance errors at an early stage, before detailed design, reducing physical prototype costs.