Mechatronic Engineering

Develop, simulate and validate complex mechatronic products and systems

Automotive components are becoming smarter and smarter. Traditional “mechanical” components are becoming more complex, incorporating software and electronics through sensors and actuators. To deliver cutting-edge advanced driver assistance systems, Mechatronic Engineers needs to  understand the disciplines inter-relations to optimize the best systems in term of performances and cost.

Mechatronic Engineering solution from Dassault Systèmes enables to federate systems behavior models, 3D CAD design, multi-body models, Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and simulation processes in a single environment. Boundaries between traditional “silos” of Expertize are removed. All disciplines can share a common understanding of the complete systems behavior, improving trade-off study, virtual testing and product optimization.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Multi-physics dynamic modeling and simulation, based on MODELICA language and libraries
  • Simulation coupling between multi-physics models and 3D Kinematics models
  • Optimize product design and run virtual test to meet customer needs, trace simulation results against initial requirements 
  • Rapid development of systems comprising of mechanical, embedded control software and electronics
  • Minimize development cost and effort through the reuse of systems models
  • Ensure compliance with market and regulatory requirements through a structured Model Based Systems Engineering approach
  • Opened solution, leveraging MODELICA, FMI (Functional Mockup Interface), and Simulation and Tests connectors with external tools and applications