Embedded Electronic Architecture

Accelerate development, capitalisation and re-use of E/E Architecture

Vehicles have become smart products, where infotainment, comfort, safety performance or connectivity features are key competitive advantages. Today a typical vehicle can be composed of 40 to 80 Electronic Control Units, exchanging more than 6000 communications signals. Mastering Embedded Electronic (E/E) Architecture is the key to developing better and faster new innovative features.

E/E Architecture design processes today still rely on numerous disconnected documents, difficult to share between multiple stakeholders and to easy re-use for new projects.

The Embedded Electronic Architecture from Dassault Systèmes offers a model-based approach from Requirements to Functional, Software and Hardware Architectures, supporting the end-to-end development of embedded systems. Combined with product diversity management, this solution fosters technology re-use across vehicle programs. 

Key Benefits:

  • Speed up productivity with a Model Based approach supporting development of embedded systems for functional, software and hardware architectures.
  • Study alternatives and trade-offs to deliver new innovative customers functionalities faster
  • Manage traceability between all Embedded Electronic Architecture artifacts.
  • Increase re-use of embedded electronic innovations across new vehicle programs
  • Automate specifications generation from models for Supplier Request for Information or Quotation