Work-in-Progress Management

Master 3D integrated, work-in-progress management

Modular, Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions establish a foundation for capturing “what” and “how” your products deliver value to your customers.  Capture knowledge and critically evaluate product design and capability prior to geometry creation , then re-use knowledge beyond requirements and geometry to speed time to market and improve systems robustness.

Your teams will benefit from an advanced systems engineering solution to support complex product design.  They can capture requirements, define and validate systems architecture, then simulate and virtually validate systems performance, all within one, unified platform.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Design in the Context of Various Global Market Needs
  • Leverage Configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to Review Design
  • On-Line Collaborative Environment for all Functions
  • Single Change Process that Supports Product Planning, Engineering, Manufacturing and the Supply Chain