Enterprise Digital Assets

Leverage, re-use diversified enterprise digital assets

Modular, Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions will enable your global collaborators to connect online to one single source of the truth.  This integrated, open development platform will support real-time concurrent design/engineering, and provide immediate 3D insight for all across the enterprise.

Industry proven solutions optimize 3D design for product variants, and enhance multi-disciplinary collaboration on sophisticated products & systems.  Your global, multi-site teams will be enabled to design/engineer easily and productively within the context of large, complex products.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Decreased time from design release to manufacturing readiness
  • Eliminate manual re-structuring of the BOM
  • Reduced manufacturing costs by identifying and resolving manufacturability issues early in the development process
  • Reduced errors and decreased time associated with the engineering change implementation across several manufacturing locations
  • Improved reliability due to faster response to service issues