Lean Production Run

Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing operations, within and across plants

Lean Material Synch

Standardize and integrate global operations with a single, flexible platform

Synching material flow, ensuring consistency in supplier processes, and minimizing production downtime can be challenging when defining, controlling and optimizing manufacturing operations across multiple sites. With the goal of reducing inventory, increasing production throughput and standardizing quality processes, a single, flexible platform has proven to be an integral success factor to streamlining global manufacturing operations. 

DELMIA’s Lean Material Synch solution delivers the ability to achieve highly responsive, adaptive manufacturing by synchronizing raw materials, components and semi-finished goods with production, quality inspection and equipment maintenance processes. As an enterprise solution, manufacturers can define, control and optimize operations across multiple sites and functions, while still accommodating specific plant-level requirements.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Improves manufacturing efficiency and market responsiveness, while driving agile operations to reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Increases asset performance and utilization; lowers inventory levels and costs, and reduces quality variability within and across plants
  • Limits risk, lowers potential liability and protects brand reputation
  • Reduces warranty, recall, labor and inventory costs