Lean Enterprise Sales & Operations Planning

Sales and operations planning, Inventory optimization

Most compagnies have an S&OP process, but few have the right solution to support it. Fewer still have a solution with an engine powerful enough to optimize plans and generate what-if scenarios to continuously find ways to maximize revenue. 

The inability to accurately match inventory supply with demand variability, disconnected supply chain processes and lack of cross-functional collaboration can negatively impact long-term delivery performance. Further, connecting the supply plan to the operational plan is a challenge every company faces. 

Lean Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning optimizes your business processes for higher performance and profit. Its optimization, forecasting and what-if scenario planning capabilities support fast and confident decision-making at every stage of the planning cycle, no matter what your company's level of S&OP maturity. 

From collaboration to capability, Lean Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning offers and S&OP top down or bottom up process for demand and supply planning in a detailed single global platform. Optimization technology incorporates configurable KPIs and weightings that enable strategies to be tested and analysed such as prioritization on fulfillment, profit maximization or revenue attainment. Additionally, Product Lifecycle Management seamless feeds into the S&OP process to maximize new product profits. 

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Robust integration and optimization of business processes
  • Forecast accurately - quickly recognise ROI
  • Synchronize end-to-end supply chain processes
  • Accept the most profitable product mix
  • Improve supplier contracts and minimize inventory costs
  • Increase long-term delivery performance