Innovation on Track

When industry standards association ProSTEP iViP and several German automotive OEMs began developing the idea of an initiative dedicated to defining and addressing problems and standards for product data management and virtual product creation, Dassault Systèmes joined them in an early phase to support the creation of the Code of PLM Openness.

Product Performance Validation

Advance innovation, while saving time & cost, with Product Performance Validation

Industry suppliers are challenged with streamlining development, cycle time, and costs while fulfilling OEMs requirements.  Innovation On Track industry solutions provide a comprehensive, integrated platform for virtual simulation, analysis and validation, ensuring optimal performance and accelerating innovation.

Product Performance Validation solutions provide integrated 3D simulation and analysis capabilities which save time, cost, and can ensure that your product/proposal will yield the optimal performance.  Suppliers are enabled to perform structural, thermal, durability and multiphysics analyses, in sync with OEM requirements.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • 3D digital validation reduces time to market while saving on development costs
  • Advanced simulation & analysis capabilities enrich development partnerships with OEMs
  • Provide access to diverse industry simulation technology, including Abaqus, Fe-Safe, Tosca, and Isight.
  • Enable suppliers to perform structural, thermal, durability and multiphysics analyses, along with parametric and non-parametric optimizations.