Innovation on Track

When industry standards association ProSTEP iViP and several German automotive OEMs began developing the idea of an initiative dedicated to defining and addressing problems and standards for product data management and virtual product creation, Dassault Systèmes joined them in an early phase to support the creation of the Code of PLM Openness.

Fabrication and Machining

Trains are complex machines comprising thousands of components from many disciplines such as electronics, embedded software, piping, and structural. Rolling stock manufacturers need to quickly produce all related parts and components to meet aggressive delivery timelines. By optimizing their machining processes, they reduce time to market while maintaining component quality.

Fabrication and Machining provides programmers with one solution to both program and simulate the most efficient multi-axis CNC machine toolpaths. This speeds production and improves product quality while helping to eliminate tool wear, collisions and material waste. Design and manufacturing data are compatible and are linked because they both reside in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This enables designers to easily modify their designs to comply with production requirements or manufacturing engineers to quickly adjust tool paths when design changes are made. Moreover, with Fabrication and Machining’s Machine Builder app, users can define the robots that will machine the parts and virtually simulate them in operation before physical build and installation. No expensive physical prototypes are required. With Fabrication and Machining, NC programmers and NC operators can reduce programming time and mitigate shop floor errors that can compromise project budgets and schedules.

Key Highlights & Benefits


  • Strengthens the link between design and manufacturing while detecting impact of design changes on machining processes
  • Program and simulate machine toolpaths with one integrated solution
  • Reduces machine wear with more precise toolpaths
  • Reduces the need for costly physical prototypes