Verification and Validation Plan Execution

Prepare, execute, monitor and analyze testing and validation plans

No testing/validation solution is complete without capabilities to prepare, execute, monitor and analyze all tests planned. Validation of vehicle requirements, from component to synthesis levels, can be completed based upon available global resources. 

GVPP applications include real-time task execution status reporting, plus early risk identification and integrated change management, can minimize risks of schedule delays. They also provide ‘lessons learned’ details to support continuous process improvement.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Task execution status immediately updates project status report, providing real-time project KPI
  • Manage issues and risks with associated information and status, in real-time
  • Integrated lessons learned capture capabilities for continuous improvement
  • Earlier risk identification and decision making support
  • Rigorous change management for engineering quality and traceability
  • Enforce standard delivery processes with input, output procedures and review processes