V+R Prototypes Management

Define, build, maintain necessary prototypes for test execution

Another critical success factor is the ability to define, build, and maintain the optimal and necessary prototypes for testing execution.

GVPP applications provide sophisticated tools to manage prototype production and evolution, minimize physical quantity and cost, and assure integration and traceability between multiple systems and synthesis levels. Integrated prototype Bill Of Materials (BOM) management helps ensure optimal product/systems quality, production and service.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Prototype traceability from cradle to grave (as defined, as build, as maintained) enabling evolution management
  • Prototype BOM Management including the compatibility of versioning between the prototype, the ECU and the embedded software
  • Support digital continuity of prototypes and their corresponding tests
  • Select the appropriate prototype to perform tests in full knowledge of facts, by knowing precise composition
  • Improve quality with issue management and corrective actions via engineering change management