Achieve Quality

A person’s initial contact with a car is visual. Style plays a determining role in the buying process. The best designs are the most appealing and augment a consumer’s perception of a car. When the perceived quality is high, the more value a product has for a customer.

Achieve quality addresses two domains: surface quality and gap and flush. A smaller gap and flush leaves a better impression on potential clients. Thanks to powerful and integrated 3D geometry check tools like gap and flush 3DCS Variation Analyst application from Dimensional Control Systems’ (DCS), optical quality analysts can verify surface quality to minimize imperfections. Designers can modify control points with precision to obtain high quality surfaces and apply different lighting effects to detect flaws and ensure smooth continuity between surfaces. Achieve quality delivers best-in-class ICEM surfacing technology that allows digital sculptors to reach the finest class-A surface quality. 

Key capabilities and benefits:


  • Ability to create class A surface quality
  • Reverse engineering generates a cloud of points on which designers can redesign geometry
  • Real-time and interactive raytracing and global illumination allows designers to verify surface quality