Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing

Automotive Powertrain

With the Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing solution, engine specifications can be easily reused for new engine architectures, cutting conceptual design time by up to 40%. This gives powertrain engineers more time to innovate and explore new design possibilities. Considering that more and more car engine designs are now being provided by Tier1 suppliers, various collaboration tools are provided for the OEMs and their suppliers to work collaboratively throughout the product development cycle. Dassault Systèmes' simulation offering, which is based on the SIMULIA Abaqus brand, has been the de facto standard for automotive powertrain analysis for more than ten years. Engineers can perform a wide range of simulation of component manufacture, assembly, operating, and severe loads such as thermal, mechanical, acoustics and life prediction. For example, powertrain engineers use SIMULIA to study the sealing properties of engines or gearboxes to determine that the functionality of components is maintained under severe operating conditions.

For increased business agility, it is crucial for powertrain manufacturers to be able to make radical changes late in the development process without compromising manufacturability and production schedule. The Powertrain Engineering & Manufacturing solution enable engineers to design drafts and fillets for casting and forging with ease. The design of tooling of complex parts, such as water jackets sand cores, is done concurrently with the design of the powertrain itself. Toolpaths can also be automatically generated by taking advantage of intelligent machining feature catalogs. Thanks to relational design capabilities, powertrain behavior analysis and tooling can be easily regenerated when the car engine design is changed. The complete coverage of the entire spectrum of powertrain development drastically reduces errors and increases productivity in the overall process.


Best practices in CATIA have been a big asset in helping us develop our template strategy and customize the training.

Jeff Bautz PTO 6-Sigma Deployment Director/Design Manager, Large Gas & Diesel Engine Engineering, Ford Motor Company