Interior & Exterior Trim Engineering & Manufacturing

Automotive Interior

Over the years, automotive suppliers have been increasingly asked to deliver more complex and extensive assemblies. For instance, seating suppliers are given more responsibility for the development as well as the testing of the seats. Automakers are also looking for suppliers who can deliver the entire module such as acoustic package or cockpit module.

Dassault Systèmes (DS)' Interior / Exterior Trim Engineering & Manufacturing solution is designed for the automotive OEMs and their suppliers in support of the highly collaborative process of an automotive module development. It covers the entire spectrum of product development and manufacturing activities - from design to product testing and assembly processes. The comprehensive, end-to-end solution eliminates the mismatch of information across the extended design, analysis and manufacturing teams as design changes are always visible and controllable by all key stakeholders. This provides distinct advantages and benefits such as the potential to carry out multi-disciplinary product and process optimization in a comprehensive manner.

Automotive Simulation

Dassault Systèmes' flagship product, CATIA, has been the preferred CAD software in the automotive industry to design complex automotive interior and exterior trim products. We provide various tools and techniques to accelerate design and change cycles, for example by using design templates and morphing techniques. This enables the engineers to substantially reduce design costs through capturing and reusing design know-how. With requirements as varied as passenger protection, structural integrity, and noise remediation, today's automotive interiors require a level of sophistication far greater than those in the past. Engineering materials such as foams, vinyl, and other polymeric materials also demand complex assumptions and simulation techniques. Dassault Systèmes' comprehensive simulation capabilities cover a wide variety of interior analyses to model seats, doors, instrument panels, interior acoustics. Sophisticated material models and advanced features such as integrated structural acoustics allow organizations to advance beyond yesterday's approaches to reinvent a more modern automotive interior.

To address any potential manufacturing issues, collaboration between designers and manufacturing engineers is essential before any molds and tools are produced. The  Interior / Exterior Trim Engineering & Manufacturing solution helps ensure that mold and tooling design are automatically and seamlessly created within the same digital product definition as the part. Relational design capabilities allow modifications made to the part design to be directly propagated to the associated molds and tools, avoiding inconsistencies and costly iterations. Using advanced knowledge management capabilities, manufacturing specifications can be captured and embedded in the design templates and introduced early on in the development process.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Trim Design
  • Multi-CAD support
  • Ergonomics study
  • Packaging
  • Simulation and validation: realistic simulation, climate control, acoustic, interior component and sub-assembly level strength and durability, occupant safety simulation
  • Plastic part mold design


Thanks to CATIA, the productivity of our designers has increased by 30-40% enabling us to double the number of projects implemented.

S.V. Gromovoy Cad. Sc. (Engineering) Director, i-DESIGN Engineering Centre LLC