Electrical Engineering

Automotive Electrical Systems

Automotive industry is facing increasing challenges in electrical systems design.  Often considered as secondary priority, electrical devices and harness routes were used to try to fit in place left by mechanical design.  In some extreme cases, these are still done during physical mockup validation.  Nowadays, the rising complexity of sophisticated electronic features appearing in cars in order to attract new markets, the high price of electrical equipments and cabling of a car (can amount to 30% of the total cost of the vehicle) and particular attention to meet certain performances and safety objectives have raised the importance of electrical system design as a key activity in car development.

Dassault Systèmes' Automotive Electrical Engineering & Manufacturing solution is designed to provide end-to-end process coverage for vehicle electrical systems engineering.  We provide a system that links logical definition, physical definition, down to manufacturing preparation and documentation. Our solution provides realistic electrical systems design that is integrated with our robust configuration management application to increase part commonality across many options.  The system provides traceability between final product and initial customer requirements that is also well integrated with our sourcing application for selecting preferred manufacturing suppliers and sites.

Automotive Electrical Systems

This complete, end-to-end solution allows for standard electrical components definition and catalog management to reduce the number of managed parts and cut costs.  Engineers find our solution instrumental in fostering efficient systems design that takes into account how well it fits within the entire car digital mockup since early in the development cycle.  By providing harness design capabilities that are integrated with schematics, flattening and manufacturing process, this solution will help you keep electrical systems development costs down as downstream errors can be minimized.

Automotive Electrical Engineering & Manufacturing Solution includes:

  • Product requirement management
  • System synthesis
  • System logical design
  • Electrical Schematic diagram
  • Equipment and harness installation
  • Harness flattening and documentation
  • Formboard design
  • Assembly process planning
  • Work instruction generation