Customer Experience

Getting “customer experience” feedback or insight into what products or features customers find appealing is valuable to achieve right-to-market strategy. With more than 80% of the costs that are designed into a product locked during the concept development phase of a new vehicle program, this critical phase has the most significant impact on the overall profitability of a new initiative. 

The Customer Experience solution from Dassault Systèmes provides automakers with a means to capture the Voice of the Customer (VOC) by utilizing the power of the internet and the power of the mass. Our solution enables people to participate in the selection of vehicle designs through web communities that are hosted by automakers, universities, engineering consortiums, or others. Tools are provided to allow users to easily share and build the concept model of the vehicle and experience it in a virtual environment. 

Our solution helps product planners create and manage more concept variants by capitalizing and re-using designs from previous programs and competitive studies while capturing new trends in the market. The Customer Experience solution fosters inter-disciplinary collaboration between designers, engineers, marketing and the market itself, which enables design concept to be closed faster.

Customer Experience / Voice of the Customer solution includes:

  • Crowd sourcing
  • Internet 3D modeling, supported by a cloud computing infrastructure
  • Internet community-based design
  • Virtual clinic / showroom
  • Virtual driving experience
  • Linking design to requirements management

Supporting products and community: 3DVIA Studio, 3D SWYM, ENOVIA Program Central, ENOVIA Program Experience, ENOVIA Requirement Central, ENOVIA 3D Live, ENOVIA Live Collaboration