Chassis Engineering & Manufacturing

Automotive Chassis

Nothing has more impact on automotive handling than chassis design. Modern chassis and suspension engineering requires evaluations and tradeoffs across a wide range of disciplines. Packaging, mass, and component reuse are only a few of the design constraints facing modern vehicle chassis and suspension engineers. Up-front chassis design validation is critical in order to minimize cost and maximize efficiencies. Chassis analysis requires a multidisciplinary approach to engineering, including component vibration, fatigue evaluation, peak loads evaluation, and kinematics behavior.

We provide chassis product and process engineers a robust, integrated design, analysis, and manufacturing toolset to assure success in this field. With Dassault Systèmes (DS)'  Chassis Engineering & Manufacturing solution, engineers are able to capture and reuse much of the design content from one successful project to another, capitalizing and leveraging corporate knowledge to the fullest. Equipped with design templates, knowledgeware, relational design methods and morphing techniques, engineers can save considerable amount of time when developing a new chassis design. Engineers can now test more design alternatives at the conceptual stage, fostering innovation to occur.

Automotive Chassis

The Chassis Engineering & Manufacturing solution also includes a wide range of applications for realizing all aspects of chassis analysis. Studies can range from chassis stiffness and strength to bushing evaluations and complex actuated sub-systems that incorporate complex mechanism. State-of-the-art contact capabilities, material models, friction material behaviors, and loading features provide the user with a unique capability for the simulation of brake system stress for durability, heat generation, temperature distribution, and squeal.

For increased business agility, it is crucial for chassis engineers to be able to make radical changes late in the development process without compromising manufacturability and schedule.  Dassault Systèmes' Chassis Engineering & Manufacturing solution enables engineers to design drafts and fillets for casting and forging with ease. For instance, the tooling of complex parts, such as water jackets, is done concurrently with the parts. Toolpaths can also be automatically generated by taking advantage of the feature catalog. Thanks to relational design, behavior analysis and tooling can be easily regenerated when the chassis design is changed. The complete coverage of the entire spectrum of chassis development - from design to engineering analysis and tooling - drastically reduces errors and increases productivity in the overall process.

Chassis Engineering & Manufacturing solution includes:

  • Chassis design
  • Sub-system performance (suspensions)
  • Chassis simulation and validation: ride and handling, suspension structure borne vibration, bushing design, multi-body simulation
  • Break systems simulation
  • Tire simulation
  • Casting and forging
  • Chassis assembly simulation & process planning

    Supporting brands: CATIA, SIMULIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA

    We chose CATIA because it is standard within the automotive industry, and a growing number of our suppliers and sub contractors are considering, or have already installed it. It is the most complete design-to-manufacture system available.

    Rich Craner Senior Chassis CAD Engineer and Designer, Modec