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Agile Production Planning is Key to Delivering More Sustainable Transportation

With precise and flexible operations planning enabled by an integrated platform, mobility manufacturers can produce more sustainable vehicles that can fulfill diverse customer needs and industry regulations.

Why Agile Production Planning is Strategic

Today’s consumers, cities and automotive industry have specific requirements for safe, smart and sustainable vehicles.

While mobility manufacturers recognize the urgency to meet these different demands effectively, they face complex production planning challenges that include complying with differing regional rules and managing global disruptions. Market differentiators that were advantageous in the past may not work now because customer and industry requirements are evolving much more quickly.

For consistent regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction, manufacturers must advance their production agility by optimizing processes, people and tools on an integrated platform.

Strategic Platform for Successful Delivery of Sustainable Transportation

Improving production agility is highly challenging, but with a clear roadmap, mobility manufacturers can be on track to unlock opportunities, optimize manufacturing operations management (MOM) and enhance production efficiency.

Agile manufacturing requires end-to-end visibility for smarter decisions — and this is what the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers. By leveraging agile production planning and scheduling on this integrated platform, manufacturers can drive agility in the following areas:

  • Leaner execution - Going beyond manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturers can implement end-to-end MOM in a single, global environment. MOM extends the MES scope to cover operations related to the supply chain, warehouse, product quality, labor and maintenance.
  • Better visibility and flexibility - The platform integrates all key planning aspects, including advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and sales and operations planning (S&OP). As a result, manufacturers gain a holistic view of their operations to swiftly create KPI-centric plans and re-optimize them when disruptions hit.
  • Enhanced collaboration and efficiency - By using a platform that facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration, manufacturers minimize disconnected information and enhance their Lean strategy. With an up-to-date shared view of operations and aggregated information from different operational areas, manufacturers can better drive continuous improvements such as reducing waste and inefficiency.
  • Virtual modeling and testing advantages - Manufacturers can rapidly perform 3D modeling and testing through a virtual twin of their physical operations. With the ability to evaluate different decisions’ impact in the virtual world before finalizing plans, manufacturers can implement changes faster and more confidently.

Disparate legacy environments cannot offer the agility, flexibility and resiliency that a well-crafted, connected and collaborative manufacturing environment provides.

Fred Thomas
DELMIA Global Industry Director

Ultimately, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a uniquely connected and collaborative virtual environment that advances production planning agility, enabling manufacturers to successfully deliver sustainable vehicles in diverse markets around the globe.

Improve Production Agility to Meet Sustainable Transportation Demands

Our ebook demonstrates how mobility manufacturers can drive agility across operations with an integrated platform to quickly adapt to diverse global demands.