Transportation Planning

Constraints are increasing as the demand placed on infrastructure and logistics providers grows. Using Transportation Planning, mining organizations optimize logistics planning to ensure efficient use of transportation networks in collaboration with partners, and infrastructure and logistics providers.

With Transportation Planning, you optimize the road, rail and sea supply network to achieve maximum throughput, minimum costs, and minimum penalties. This is achieved through a single system that provides you with a single holistic view of your entire supply-chain’s transportation network.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Improve how you plan and schedule your road, rail and shipping networks through integrated planning, optimized product sourcing, managed product quality, controlled inventory and the appropriate allocation of cargo.
  • Amend workforce and transportation schedules in real-time to accommodate network disruptions, sudden change in demand and supply, and any other events that impact day-to-day operations.
  • Make reliable forecasts of demand, supply and capacity in order to anticipate logistics requirements, minimize constraints and manage risk.
  • Create fully practicable plans, achieved through real-time collaboration with your organization's departments and external service providers.