Inventory Management and Blending

With Inventory Management and Blending, you satisfy demand and set optimal targets across the pit-to-port supply chain by maximizing the utilization of resources and minimizing delays. You also minimize your costs for storage of product (stockpiles) and re-handling. At the same time, you reduce penalties as you create an optimal supply chain, through direct control over all planning decisions.

Inventory Management and Blending provides your organization with true integrated planning, to make more informed, faster decisions about how to best leverage stockpiles, even as transport availability changes. With Inventory Management and Blending, you can plan complex, blended product delivery across a distributed network of resources in your mining supply chain. 

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Minimize fulfilment and shipping costs by creating “cargoes” based on available stock at port.
  • Maximize demand fulfilment by visualizing train status to make rapid adjustments when schedules or availability change.
  • Further maximize demand fulfilment by linking ship load plans to stockpiles, to make the most effective allocations.
  • Take blending into account as you optimize product sourcing and manage quality to avoid penalties.