Demand and Fulfilment Management

Market volatility is inevitable in the mining business, with fluctuating demand and pricing caused by shorter contracts and dynamic spot markets, among other factors. With Demand and Fulfilment Management you model and simulate supply and demand to ensure that supply chain capacity is achievable. Powerful statistical forecasting is combined with historical factors and market intelligence to ensure a robust but flexible marketing strategy can be developed.

Achieving your objectives is realized through centralized control of contractual data. This enables you to plan the fulfilment of all orders with minimal costs and penalties while maximizing the value from your supply chain by capitalizing on spot opportunities when available.

Demand and Fulfilment Management enables you with key capabilities, including: management of demand versus production forecast; management of demand quantities and qualities; evaluation of spot opportunities; management of demand schedules and penalties; and measurement of quality and adherence. 

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • When market conditions change or new intelligence is made available, your forecasts are automatically revised too, resulting in better forecasts, created faster.
  • Improve shipment forecasting by gathering customer forecasts or by employing predictive intelligence that leverages historical data and causal factors such as price and GDP.  
  • Maximize port infrastructure and space utilization and minimize transport costs by centralizing storage and control of contract data and automatic updates to schedules.
  • Minimize penalties by optimizing the allocation of mine supply to ship demand, including optimized blend.
  • Maximize fulfilment and customer satisfaction by matching supply and demand by taking into account resource capacities to manage fulfilment and identify spot quantities.