Is Your Complex Supply Chain Hiding Potential Profits?

Supply chain efficiency and cost containment are more vital than ever in today’s mining industry. With Perfect Order Industry Solution Experience you take control over the mining supply chain by improving visibility and predictability across all the components that comprise your supply chain – from forecasting of demand through to fulfilment. Along the way, as demand and transport capacity changes, thanks to a holistic view of what’s occurring, you have the agility required to make the right adjustments to keep everything on track.

With Perfect Order Industry Solution Experience, critical infrastructure constraints and labor shortages become opportunities to transform the efficiency and profitability of your mining supply chain significantly. Perfect Order offers an end-to-end mining supply chain solution, from the mine to ports, through to shipping. This enables mining organizations to visualize all activities in the network and optimize the flow of goods through supply chains. As a result, opportunities to minimize costs and maximize profits are presented to planners in real time, contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Thanks to Perfect Order Industry Solution Experience, you can maximize incremental margin in your mining and resources supply chain by using real-time KPI driven integrated planning connected to both your supply operations and your customers.  

Discover the benefits of Dassault Systèmes’ Perfect Order Industry Solution Experience:

  • Shipment forecasting and logistics planning is improved through integration with customer demand forecasts and by employing predictive intelligence that leverages historical data and causal factors such as price and GDP.
  • Real-time key performance indicators on impact of planning decisions allows for rapid adjustments to be made to keep deliveries on track, to specification, and budget.
  • Ability to match supply and demand to resource capacity maximizes fulfilment of contracts, resulting in fewer penalties and improved customer satisfaction. 
  • Create fully practicable, more cost-effective plans, achieved through real-time collaboration with mining organization's departments and external service providers.
  • Identify the optimum time to schedule maintenance.
  • Minimize fulfilment and shipping costs based by knowing what is already in stock at the port or nearby.

We were looking for a system that could handle our complex work environment while also being extremely flexible...We got exactly what we needed: A reliable, leading-edge solution. The project has delivered increased berth utilization above 8%, amongst other benefits.

Mark Beale Operations Planning Manager, Port Kembla Coal Terminal