Sustainable Innovation for Business and the Planet

There is no simple answer to the world’s natural resources concerns, but whether you are drilling for Ore or Oil or even Water, restoring habitats, planting crops, Dassault Systèmes solutions can help us become a more sustainable planet.

Driving Business Transformation

In today’s economic environment, it can be a challenge to navigate your business and ensure its sustainability when demand, supply and commodity prices are more variable than ever.

Solving Today’s Cost Control and Productivity Challenges

Natural resources industries including mining are dealing with a difficult global economic environment that is said to be here for the foreseeable future. This means variable commodity demand, oversupply in some sectors, and prices that are less predictable.

At Dassault Systèmes’, we enable our clients with the capabilities they need to stabilize processes to make them efficient. We then help make these processes excellent through consistent, global measurement and continuous improvement. Finally, we empower agility throughout the organization through a virtual world that drives collaboration and the simulation of innovative ideas to prove them before implementation.

With Dassault Systèmes, you benefit from a virtual universe, or “digital twin” of your natural resources operations, exploration properties, and construction projects. With it, you are in full control over all aspects of your business.

  • Data-driven decision making. Data is at the heart of decision-making. The right data is available when and where it is needed. Every required detail about efficiency of equipment, labor, is accessible.
  • The leading design, engineering, modeling tools on a collaborative backbone.
  • You can simulate fully in the virtual world to try out any idea to see what its impact will be in the real world before you make changes.
  • Immediate, global understanding of how well processes are functioning right now, this week, this month, etc. with the ability to rapidly identify problems and introduce improvements.