Oil & Gas

Increase Control and Manageability of Your Oilfield, Mitigate Risks, Improve Reservoir Knowledge, Optimize Oilfield Operations to Sustain Production and Profits

Unify Your Reservoirs, Assets, and Teams

As the world of oil and gas becomes more complex, there are more pressures than ever to deliver more while ensuring operations are safer and more efficient. Fluctuating prices and fierce competition for investment dollar require costs to be reduced and reservoir recovery rates improved. Given this, there is an increasing push in the industry for better business decision making in managing oilfield assets and their portfolios, and for improved oilfield development, planning, optimization and execution. 

With Dassault Systèmes you address the challenge head on as you: gain a superior path to optimally manage your oilfields and develop hydrocarbons; mitigate development and production risks; maximize recovery; and enable safer and more efficient operations.

Our solutions help you:

  • Maximize economic deliverables and minimize environmental impact through unified approach to oilfield asset management.
  • Reduce costs throughout the entire Exploration and Production life cycle.
  • Enhance the performance and predictability of oilfield development and hydrocarbon asset exploitation. 
  • Improve the safety and manageability of oilfields operations.

A First-of-a-Kind Business Platform for Oil and Gas

Dassault  Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables you to effectively connect the economics, operations, subsurface, and surface infrastructure, treating the entire oilfield as an integrated business asset. You gain the advanced modeling, management and control capabilities required to secure reserves, sustain production, keep costs down and increase returns on investment through better asset optimization and utilization. It is all made possible through experience- and data-driven models to enable better business decision making.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

  • Introduces model-driven integrated asset management and portfolio optimization.
  • Unifies technologies, best practices, corporate memory, human and capital resources in an industry-unique oilfield asset management solution.
  • Delivers better and unmediated manageability and control of your oilfield through connected subsurface, surface, economics and operations modeling and simulation.
  • Fully leverages existing corporate resources, data, information, knowledge and experience