Natural Resources Business Excellence

Define, plan, and manage your surface and subsurface business

To achieve their objectives, organizations in the Natural Resources industries must adopt lean practices, define their strategic capital investments, innovate, control costs, and increase productivity. Natural Resources Business Excellence provides a framework for companies to achieve operational stability, execution excellence, and business agility. 

Natural Resources Business Excellence delivers the capabilities organizations need to: define, plan, manage, and visualize surface and subsurface operations to increase visibility across key stakeholders and ensure traceability and consistency of all sources of information. This results in the implementation of continuous process improvement programs, an integrated decision support environment, and the handover of digital assets that will lead companies to realize their potential.

Discover the Benefits of Dassault Systèmes’ Natural Resources Business Excellence

  • Align and integrate global teams.
  • Establish a single version of the truth for the business
  • Enable a shared framework for planning and executing programs.
  • Leverage a platform for sharing ideas to drive innovation.
  • Improve ability to achieve on-time completion of projects, programs and deliverables.
  • Ensure all project stakeholders have a clear understanding of what they are expected to deliver and when.
  • Stay on track by alerting users to deliverables that are at risk
  • Deploy traceability of requirements and data to determine when it was modified and changed. 
  • Define requirements, plan projects and processes, manage your business lifecycle, and visualize your surface and subsurface operations in an integrated and collaborative environment