Improve global business performance through increased productivity

Shift to a Greater Productivity Focus Driven by Agile Decision Making

Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences introduce greater agility into business planning, design, and production to spark long-needed transformational change. With its solutions, mining companies can improve global business performance, increase operational productivity, and control costs.

The mining industry is the critical backbone that empowers the modern world in which we live. It provides the core ingredients used in every automobile, building, high-tech device, and most other consumer products.

As mining is integral to the global economy, it is subject to variable commodity demand. Fragile economic recoveries and changing mining commodity demand have negatively impacted productivity, while operating costs have increased. In addition, operations have suffered from inefficient interaction between core planning, engineering, plant production, and geology teams. The end result is pressure on profit margins with many mining operations unprofitable and/or forced to close.

Mining companies seek to radically change the way they operate to sustain and grow profits by controlling costs and reducing variances during both production and processing. To achieve this growth, they increasingly focus on improving productivity, efficiency, and cost control with particular respect to mine site construction projects, production, and processing.

To realize their desired productivity improvements, mining companies require greater agility in both business planning and mining operations management. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the enablement capabilities mining companies require. Mining companies can develop and run more efficient mines by embedding unprecedented decision-making agility and global best practices throughout their organizations.