Lean Mine Construction

Mine Development Work Package provides digital engineering management from planning though to execution, enabling the handling of large amounts of data, including all requirements and changes to the project. With global access to up-to-date information, rework is reduced, engineering cycle times are sped up, and it becomes easier to identify risks.

Mine Construction and Commissioning

Mine Construction and Commissioning helps improve productivity and eliminate waste by linking requirements to deliverables that achieve lean construction execution. Project teams are empowered to plan day-to-day activities more thoroughly by taking constraints, material availability, and precedence of tasks into account.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Output of clear 3D construction instructions help to ensure on-time construction and commissioning.
  • Electronic work reporting and real-time status reports lead to faster decision making.
  • “Last Planner System” integration with Virtual Mine Construction Simulation turns a construction plan, which was optimized in the virtual world, into reality in the real one.