Integrated Mine Planning

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Visual Data Discovery

Seamlessly aggregate, consolidate and visualize multidisciplinary data

Less than 1% of all the data being collected by mining companies is being put to use in better decision making (McKinsey & Co, 2017).

Visual Data Discovery enables you to visualize and validate multidisciplinary data in a unified framework and perform predictive analytics. It frees data from silos, allowing it to be shared across departments, who can collaborate together by leveraging the same, up to date data. Efficient data acquisition means that time lags between new data being produced and becoming available are eliminated, including those from drilling, large-scale surveys, and IIoT sensors.  

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Collaborative and integrated data management tools
  • Helps address increasing complexity of deposits 
  • Timely integration of new data
  • Increased ability to identify hidden data and patterns
  • Efficient 3D visualization and predictive analytics