Winning Bid For Sea

Efficiently innovate and sell new marine concepts

Imagine and deliver winning, high added value proposals

To cope with major business transformations and continue to win new business in a highly competitive industry, shipyards need to innovate with new concepts and solutions that comply with customers' requirements, industry regulations, and standards. During the bidding phase, they must be able to respond within a very short timeframe and demonstrate the credibility and clear advantage of their proposals to win new contracts. By delivering innovative conceptual designs to their prospects at this early stage, they can tip the scales in their favor.

Moreover, before releasing a formal commitment, it is critical for shipyards, from the very early conceptual phase of a vessel or platform, to quickly come up with an appealing and dynamic proposal that they are confident can be delivered on time and in accordance with the customer's budget and scheduling constraints.

The Winning Bid For Sea industry solution experience, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, addresses these needs. It provides sophisticated and intuitive tools to quickly model, simulate, and validate concept designs that comprise technical and business information. It also allows shipyards to effectively and promptly communicate this information to prospects during the bidding phase.

With Winning Bid For Sea, stakeholders have a single source of information that multiple teams can work on to rapidly converge on the most appropriate and convincing solution. Procurement teams can save time negotiating with them using initial concept designs to evaluate costs and delivery schedules. Manufacturing planning can also get underway at this early stage and production requirements taken into account in the proposal. Once they are awarded the contract, shipyards can save time as they progress to the detail design phase because digital continuity from early sketch to production allows them to easily reuse all geometry and associated technical and business information for downstream activities.

Winning Bid For Sea delivers significant advantages by integrating requirements management, initial 3D design, systems design and simulation, analytics, KPI management, as well as the ability to create compelling material for sales and marketing presentations.

Discover the benefits of Winning Bid For Sea:

  • Quickly develop and validate new ship concepts with high confidence.
  • Effectively reuse the digital model to build high value assets to create and communicate innovative concepts through appealing bids.
  • Achieve design excellence with the ability to define, evaluate alternatives, perform simulations and analyses to validate the 3D concept design.
  • Ensure compliance with customers' requirements, KPIs, and classification rules during the early stages.
  • Improve time to market by reusing existing knowledge and designs to develop new solutions.
  • Avoid rework through continuous assessment of compliance with technical budgets.
  • Enhance ecosystem collaboration for faster decision-making thanks to a single source of information, accessible anytime, anywhere, and that can be shared between naval architects, sales, and their extended ecosystem.