Program Management for Marine and Offshore: Learn How Technology Helps Deliver Programs On Time and On Budget

The complexity of marine and offshore programs is only growing. Vessels and platforms are increasing in value and size. The ecosystem of suppliers is becoming more globally distributed. Environmental regulations and safety standards are getting more stringent. It simply is a reality for today's shipyards: every single order is a strenuous endeavor. Yet, shipyards have to deliver on time and on budget, or profitability, reliability, reputation and competitiveness significantly suffer. That is where modern Program Management comes in. Program Managers track and manage all aspects of the program, from the owner’s requirements to the design office to sea. For Program Managers, technology is a critical enabler to address all of these changes. 

In this eBook, Chad Jackson, analyst and researcher with Lifecycle Insights provides insight on the needs of modern Program Managers as well as the technology capabilities that fulfill them. Additionally, it details numerous technology solutions, describing the advantages and limitations of each. This eBook offers guidance on which technologies are the right fit for Program Managers in the marine and offshore industry. Executing programs has always been difficult. But a new generation of technology can make it far easier. 

Read this eBook and find out how.