Driving excellence in ship design

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A proven solution for efficient ship design

In today’s competitive Marine & Offshore industry, ship owners are expecting higher value ships at a lower price and are focused on providing consumers with a compelling experience.

For shipbuilders, this means they must seek ways to innovate in order to satisfy demanding requirements and comply with ever more stringent safety and environmental regulations. Striving to drive design excellence while efficiently managing the associated complexity, risk and cost, they can rely on Designed For Sea

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Designed For Sea Industry Solution Experience is a proven solution for efficient design. It helps naval architects, engineers, and designers in shipyards and design offices to define, simulate, analyze and validate the optimal design from a combination of style, innovation, advanced technologies and high performance.

This demonstration video highlights how Designed For Sea uniquely connects requirements, regulations, design and engineering disciplines, partners, and suppliers throughout the ship design process with full traceability.

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