Marine & Offshore

Thriving in competitive seas

In the highly dispersed and interconnected Marine & Offshore landscape, the struggle to stay competitive is intense. Innovative and sustainable concepts, on-time and on-budget delivery, compliance with stringent safety and environmental regulations, greater design, manufacturing, and operational efficiencies present so many challenges for organizations to overcome if they want to remain relevant.

The challenges are many, but so are the opportunities. Safer, cleaner, greener vessels and offshore structures, as well as new sources of energy, require a whole new way of thinking. The possibilities are as boundless as the oceans themselves.

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise across 12 industries, Dassault Systèmes helps progressive naval architects, designers, shipyards, and suppliers successfully transform their practices to create unique value and experience for their ultimate customers.

With Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences for Marine & Offshore powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, imagining and delivering winning sustainable innovations more efficiently while keeping costs and schedules within contractual boundaries has never been easier.

We are at an exciting moment in maritime history. Now more than ever, the sea has a vital role to play in our planet’s future, opening up tremendous business opportunities for Marine & Offshore stakeholders. Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experiences will be instrumental in helping them drive the sustainable innovations necessary to invent the future of the “Ocean Economy” and maritime trade, and successfully carry out their transformation.

Alain Houard Vice President, Marine & Offshore