Production Simulation and Automation

Simulate and validate the manufacturing process and enable shipyard automation via advanced robotics

As the shipbuilding industry is very competitive, shipbuilders are looking for ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs. One area where we see evidence of this is that shipyards are evolving their production processes to integrate more automation. This automation allows shipbuilders to increase their efficiency, lower their total labor costs, improve safety, and improve their product quality. 

In addition and to ensure optimized production, shipbuilders must validate production plans before production starts.

Optimized Production For Sea enables companies to simulate a process plan to ensure product manufacturability and fit. It also has features that focus on ergonomics when tasks are performed by humans with the ability to create manikins to virtually simulate the different tasks to detect any interferences or impossibilities. Optimized Production For Sea also delivers features to simulate a robot enabling companies to make corrections before physical programming. 

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Perform 3D simulation and validation of production plans
  • Program, simulate, and validate fabrication and welding operations before sending programs and setups to the shop floor
  • Perform ergonomic simulation and validation to ensure safety and feasibility